Shakina Nayfack

Shakina Nayfack
Founding Artistic Director

Musical Theatre cannot be created in a vacuum. It is, by its very definition, a community event. Composers, lyricists, and book writers need actors to give life to their material; actors need directors, music directors, and choreographers to shape their performances, eventually designers come along to craft the world in which those performances live, and the whole thing is supported by technical, house, and administrative staff. Then, when all these people have rallied around a common purpose, we have the privilege of sharing our work with an audience.

But before any musical is brought to the stage, it must first pass through an often long and sometimes arduous development process. Songs are created and abandoned, characters are born and re-written, (or written out), draft upon draft is improved upon and discarded. This maturational period can be more isolating and uncomfortable than any endeavor a community-minded artist should be forced to endure.

At the Musical Theatre Factory we strive to create an environment that brings a spirit of community to the developmental process. By fostering collaboration and conversation between musical theatre artists we give the creators of new shows freedom to work on and share their new ideas without the fear of failure or judgment.  Rather, the Factory’s focus on nurturing fresh and exciting projects within a network of supportive colleagues encourages the risk-taking and exploration necessary for new musicals to take form.

The most valuable resources for the development of new musical theatre are space, time, and people. The Musical Theatre Factory provides all three of these at no cost to the artists. Our unique volunteer structure ensures that all members play a part in our programming on and off stage.  But in order to keep our doors open, we need your support. Through our tax-deductible sponsorship program, you can pledge a recurring donation to the Factory at a level comfortable to you that will help us cover our monthly expenses and keep our developmental programs in operation.

Please consider sponsorship today, and make yours an ongoing contribution to the musical theatre community.


Shakina Nayfack
Founding Artistic Director

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    Dear Shakina and staff,
    I don’t know how you are doing it…but keep on…The development of new musicals is vital. We are working on a biography of a famous American woman…and the sledding is tough going right now.
    Thanks, RWT and SJT, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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