The MTF Sponsorship Program offers friends of the Factory a way to make low-level monthly contributions that help offset our operational expenses. Income from the sponsorship program is used to cover artist stipends, so the support from our artists goes directly back to our artists.

Benefactor ($451+/month)

The Parker Family Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank

Boss ($301-$450/month)

Aaron Glick

The Love Family Foundation

Industrialist ($81-$100/month)

Anna Grace Carter

Sam Gonzalez

Brad Hames

Jeff Trachtman

Engineer ($51-$75/month)


Susan Conn

Riveter ($31-$50/month)

Alexandra Alberstadt

Scotty Arnold

David Davila

Brandon Michael Lowden

Daryl Roth

Gear ($16-$30/month)

Rebecca Brooklyn

Felisa Ihly

Michael R. Jackson

Kate Lumpkin

Shaun Peknic

Zoe Williams