Musical Theatre Factory announced our 2015 Capital Campaign with a celebratory Launch Party on February 9th, 2015. The MTF #KeepItOpen campaign is focused on building a Board of Directors who will ensure a sustainable future for our home in “Broadway’s Backyard.”

We have until May 1st to raise $150,000 or the Factory will be forced to close it’s doors by summer’s end. We urge all Factory members, friends, and fans of MTF to sign up for our monthly Sponsorship Program, which will help us cover our operational expenses throughout the Capital Campaign and into the future. A gift of even $5-$10 a month can help us keep the lights on!

For friends of Musical Theatre Factory interested in making larger gifts, or who wish to find out more about joining the MTF Board of Directors, please send us an email or consider making a donation today!

A note about the #KeepItOpen campaign from our Artistic Director, Shakina Nayfack:

“The #KeepItOpen capital campaign is a huge step for MTF! Our studio was built from the ground up by young writers, performers, directors, and producers who are passionate about creating and maintaining a safe space for the development of new musical theatre. By expanding with additional rehearsal space and work stations we can provide even more resources to the early-career musical theatre makers who have come to count on the Factory for support.”

Musical Theatre Factory is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. In its first 9 months, the Factory has welcomed more than 500 volunteers who have contributed over 6,000 hours of creative, administrative, and production work. Since opening its doors on May 31st of last year, the Factory has supported the development of 48 new musicals through its Assembly Line of development programs.



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