Musical Theatre Factory believes in not just developing new musicals, but also the artists that make them, and believe that the opportunities we create should be a service to our artists and the larger community.

We engage in and create work that is inclusive of all human facets, including, but not limited to race, class, religion, age, country of origin, immigration status, (dis)ability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. MTF seeks out participation from members of our community and beyond who embody the diversity of these human facets and therefore bring diverse perspectives. We are looking to actively add to our community artists whose perspectives add to this diversity.

Our Representation Roundtables provide a place for artists of color, female, and trans* identifying artists to come together as underrepresented voices, ensuring that they are valued and afforded equal opportunities as a part of this inclusive artform.
For more information about MTF’s outreach initiatives, contact our outreach coordinator.