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4×15 – Round 26

August 8 @ 1:31 pm

Join us for the next round of 4×15! Four new musicals will present 15 minutes of fully-staged materials for a public audience. This is a great opportunity to see what development of these new projects looks like at an early stage, and to hear from the authors and creative teams about their developmental process!


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Paulo K Tiról

Called is the story of Carmela, an overachieving Manila-based call center agent on the threshold of achieving her long-time dream of moving to the United States, and Nelson, a lonely septuagenarian caller from North Dakota who wants nothing more than to be Carmela’s friend. Through the memories that surface in these two characters’ phone conversations over the course of five days, Called tells the story of what each of us would do—and give up—for our dreams.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Marcus Scott

When all of the academic and extracurricular programs are eliminated from their high school arts and humanities curriculum, theatre geek and chess prodigy Franklin McQueen stages a revolt against the Department of Education and the topsy-turvy education system, inspiring and recruiting the student body in his passionate and fearless mission. Cherry Bomb explores many social issues including class consciousness, the decline of arts and humanities education, ethics in modern child psychiatry, juvenile prescription medication, teenage rebellion, and sexual exploration during adolescence.


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Emily Gardner Xu Hall

Untitled Cherry Orchard Musical is a feminist upending of Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard in which the three protagonists are the mother, the daughter and the stepdaughter of the family. With a history of secret affairs, irresponsibility and the tragic death of a 7-yr-old boy, what can the next generation do to save the family?


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Janelle Lawrence

Do you believe Group Therapy will be right for you? Group Therapy promotes a safe space where different types of people come together and work to reassure each other they shouldn’t feel isolated by their mental conditions and join together by sharing ideas and seeing different point of views. Dr. Marlene Kender navigates talking and listening in the space to keep in perspective one very important message, “You are not alone.” With mental health being more commonly diagnosed, it is still very uncommon to feel comfortable talking about it. Isolation and oppression take on different forms and Dr. Kender promotes conversations to be positive, proactive and geared towards understanding and accepting each other! This eccentric group takes the whole session out of her hands until finally, even she cracks. It’s hilarious, chaotic, and honest as it deals with some of the deepest problems we all share.


August 8, 2020
1:31 pm