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4×15 – Round 20

Join us for a unique opportunity to participate in making musical theatre! In our 4×15 series, we showcase four staged presentations. Each creative team will have 5 hours to workshop the strongest (or most troublesome) excerpt of their piece. A cast of MTF volunteer performers will then have 15 minutes to present each excerpt before an audience and a panel of industry professionals. The audience is invited to offer supportive feedback to the writers and creative teams.


Our Woman, Frank Thompson
Book & Lyrics by Anna Grace Carter
Music & Lyrics by Eric Grunin
Additional Lyrics by Ed Levy

In 1861, Emma was fond of adventure, a little ambitious, and a good deal romantic – but when the Union needed defending, she found herself a man. As her alias Frank Thompson, this brave young woman serves her country as a soldier, a nurse, and a spy.

Paris Girls
Music and Lyrics by Andrew J. Hanley
Book and Lyrics by Anderson John Heinz

The fabulous Faye Conway depends on her best friend and television producer Jackie Babineau-Miller, and has for the past 45 years. But as the two celebrate Faye’s television comeback, old wounds are re-opened, and they must face the truth about the girls they were, the women they’ve become, and what it means to let go of those they love the most.

Ain’t Far From Home
Music by Ben Krauss
Book and Lyrics by Sukari Jones

A slave and master in a horse drawn buggy; a teen cook and young actress on a showboat; a middle aged seamstress and 9 year old runaway on an Alabama public bus; AIN’T FAR FROM HOME is a new original musical triptych about a friendship between a white woman and a black woman formed by time they live in–respectively 1855, 1905 and 1955–that asks “where are we headed?”

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Oliver Houser

XY is a story about a man’s journey to accept his past and identity. It centers on Alex, whose penis was burned off in circumcision and was subsequently raised as a girl, unbeknownst to him, on the misguided and ultimately detrimental advice of a prominent sexologist. Now in his 20s, Alex is a repressed, hyper masculine personal trainer who has transitioned back into being a man after learning the truth of his birth, which he now takes pains to conceal from himself and the world. XY toggles between Alex’s quest as a twelve-year-old-girl (then named Abigail) to uncover the truth of his identity, and Alex’s parallel struggle as an adult to confront the repressed truth of his past, a journey instigated by his falling in love with Avery, his personal training client. Alex and Abigail are played by two different actors.