4×15 – Round 4

Join us for a unique opportunity to participate in making musical theatre! In our 4×15 series, we showcase four new shows by up-and-coming writers in four 15-minute staged presentations. Each creative team will have 5 hours to workshop the strongest (or most troublesome) excerpt of their piece. A cast of MTF volunteer performers will then have 15 minutes to present each excerpt before an audience and a panel of industry professionals. The audience is invited to offer supportive feedback to the writers and creative teams. Come enjoy a refreshment at the Factory, and get in on the creative process!

The new musicals featured in 4×15 – ROUND FOUR are:

THREE TIMES FAST- Book and Lyrics by Naomi Matlow; Music by Teresa Lotz

Three Times Fast is a new musical with book and lyrics by Naomi Matlow and music and lyrics by Teresa Lotz. The show follows the coming of age of fifteen year old Olivia Klemons as she wades through the stress of high school, her mother’s remarriage, a move to a new house and her fresh diagnosis with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As Olivia faces her deepest fears through therapy with Dr. West, she uncovers strength she never knew she had. Through Olivia’s struggles and recoveries, her family members contemplate the habits that they have created to help them get through the day with a feeling of greater control over life’s uncertainties.

FACTORY GIRLS – Music and Lyrics by Creighton Irons & Sean Mahoney; Book by Sam Forman & Rob Ackerman

Factory Girls tells the true story of two New England mill workers at the dawn of the Age of Industry who dared to become writers and wrote words that changed the world. A contemporary rock score dramatizes the lives of Sarah Bagley and her closest friend Harriet Farley whose clash of ideals led to the first female labor revolt in American history.

LUNA PARK – Lyrics by Michael Cooper; Music by Hyeyoung Kim; New Book Material by Michael Cooper & Hyeyoung Kim; Original Book by Daniel Frederick Levin

LUNA PARK chronicles the partnership of Skip Dundy and Fred Thompson, the true fathers of the modern themed amusement park.  A full generation before Walt Disney, they created at Coney Island an attraction called Luna Park, a place designed to allow everyone to forget the pressures of modern industrial society and remember how to play.

REMISSION: A MUSICAL – Book, Lyrics and Music by Rebekah Allen

Davy is a college senior who uses her passion for art to escape a life weighed down by stress, family dysfunction, and a dangerously flighty roommate. But when an unexpected cancer diagnosis forces Davy is to confront reality, she decides that the best escape could be leaving her disease untreated and unknown to everyone around her.


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