MTF Presents: Discount Ghost Stories at Joe’s Pub

Discount Ghost Stories presents: Well Worn Words

Book, Music, and Additional Lyrics by Alexander Sage Oyen
Book, Archival Research, and Text by Jessica Kahkoska
Directed by Austin Regan

Cast/Band: Alexander Sage Oyen, Jessica Kahkoska, Lizzie Hagstedt , Evan Tyor, Luke McGinnis, Henry Colle, Kevin Kuh, Elanna White, Betsy Stewart
Music Direction: Luke McGinnis

Discount Ghost Stories is an afterlife rock band of ghost musicians that explores the stories of souls forgotten by history. Incorporating text from historical archives and the American folk canon into lyrics, the band re-imagines the “tall tales around the campfire” tradition as multimedia rock concerts and albums.

Discount Ghost Stories was launched in September 2015 with the support of the Silver Plume Historical Society and the George Rowe Museum in Colorado and received a residency at the American Music Theatre Project at Northwestern University in June 2016.

Well Worn Words:
Utilizing both original lyrics and re-purposed texts from historical archives and the nineteenth-century folk canon, the band tells the (mostly true) story of Clifford Griffin, a melancholic miner who ended his life in 1885 in the mountains outside Silver Plume, Colorado. As the band summons Clifford’s spirit, they sing his story of obsession, wilderness and loss in the final hours before his death.


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