Book by Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs
Music by Anna K. Jacobs
Words by Michael R. Jackson
Directed by Marlo Hunter
Music Directed by Brad Gardner
Based On The Film Teeth by Mitchell Lichtenstein

Alyse Alan Louis, Chris Critelli, Stephen Anthony, Sam Heldt, Bruce Warren, Christiana Cole, Melody Madarasz, Kerri George, Hana Slevin, Elexis Morton, Samantha Parrish

Adapted from the 2007 Sundance Award-winning indie horror film by Mitchell Lichtenstein, Teeth tells the story of Dawn O’Keefe, an evangelical Christian teen with a dirty little secret: she has teeth in her vagina. When the men in Dawn’s life try to exploit her, she is forced to confront the teeth and decide whether to sacrifice or harness them. 

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