That Time We Found A Sasquatch In The Woods

That Time We Found a Sasquatch in the Woods is a comedy about Remy McDonough, a snarky seventeen year old, her ancient neighbor (and nemesis) Mrs. Prokopenko, and the real live sasquatch they discover (his name is Glenn). When their homes and their forest are threatened by a drilling company, Remy and Mrs. P are forced to put aside their differences and convince Glenn — who is wary of humans — that in order to stop the destruction and save the town, he must reveal himself to the world.

Book by Nichole Jackson, Music by Scotty Arnold, Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden, Directed by Shelley Butler, Musical Direction by Michael Finke


Meghan McGeary, Molly Murphy, Kevin B. McGlynn, Mary Jo McConnell, Jamie Cowperthwait, Frank Manda, Leanne Brun, Rafi Fuentes, Alice Nora, Sam Salmond, Ariella Serur, Hana Slevin, and Vishal Vaidya

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