Inside the MTF Tony Party

June 12th is Broadway’s biggest night and we want to celebrate with you! Remy Germinario and Amanda Savan are back to host the MTF Tony Awards Party for a second year. Read on to see what they have in store!

This is your second time hosting the MTF Tony Party TOGETHER! How do you feel about teaming up again?

Remy: Terrible. Just kidding. I’m so excited. Amanda and I have known each other for years and have played both lovers and a mother and son so we’ve been through it all.

Amanda: But we won’t let our sordid theatrical past get in the way of an amazing Tony night.

Can you give us any fun hints of what we can expect from the party?

Remy: Complete and utter nonsense.

Amanda: That plus Tony trivia and bingo with prizes worth monetary value.

CYNTHIA.Remy: And hopefully some witty commentary from the two of us during the show if we aren’t too drunk. I’m assuming we drink free cuz we are hosting right?

Any performances or people you’re excited about seeing at the Awards?

Remy and Amanda: (screaming) CYNTHIA.

What were some of your favorite shows or performances this season (on or off Broadway)?

Remy: What a great season. I have to say that one of my favorite shows was Disaster. I was so bummed that it closed. I was truly laughing for a large majority of the show. It takes a lot to truly make me laugh and Disaster was just so witty and stupidly funny. I also was really moved by the brave and powerful performances in Eclipsed.
Amanda: I love me some bluegrass so Bright Star was right up my alley. It is such a beautiful show and Carmen…like duh. Also, I have been changed for good by American Psycho.

Anyone you’re rooting for?

Remy: Cynthia Erivo’s vocal chords for sure. Also, Jennifer Simard for Disaster. She had the funniest performance on Broadway this season hands DOWN.

jennifer-simardAmanda: Daveed Diggs. Guns and Ships. This year is awesome because there are so many categories where I honestly don’t know who to root for because I loved all of their performances so much.

Be honest: do you already have a speech prepared for when you win?

Remy: Oh totally. I’ve missed my subway stop on several occasions because I was practicing it. No shame.

Amanda: Mine is all curse words and a tombé pas de bourrée glissade jeté.

MTF’s Tony Awards Party will be held on June 12th at Haymaker Bar and Kitchen. Click here to purchase tickets.


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