The Musical Theatre Factory is a volunteer-based nonprofit dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or commercial success. We accomplish this goal by identifying new works of promise, then facilitating a development process that includes readings, concerts, workshops, and public performances of new musical theatre projects. The central organizing principle of MTF follows the radical ideal that laborers ought to be the owners of the means of production.  Factory artisans include writers, composers, performers, choreographers, directors, music directors, dramaturgs, designers, and producers. We make work that strives for vitality and originality, we decide collectively what work succeeds at doing so, and what work should be seen, heard, produced and recognized as outstanding.

The four assembly lines of the Musical Theatre Factory are outlined below:


At its core the Musical Theatre Factory is a home for musical theatre artists to develop new work. Our development process places an emphasis on co-creation, with writers, composers, directors, and performers working together for the generation and maturation of new material.


At various stages in the development process we provide opportunities for new work to be seen and heard, both within the community of MTF artisans, for the larger musical theatre industry, and the general public.  Showcase events range from informal salons to staged readings, and eventually, productions.


Musical Theatre Factory productions give our artisans and the larger theatre community a chance to see new work on its feet.  Our 780 square-foot black box theater allows for flexible seating, imaginative staging, and all kinds of intimate storytelling.  MTF views these productions as penultimate in our development process, with the end-goal of positioning these new musicals for a life outside the factory walls.


As a cooperative of musical theatre artisans, we share resources and tools for refining our craft. Musical Theatre Factory offers master classes, workshops, and roundtable discussions meant to encourage collaboration across our intersecting disciplines.


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