Music and Lyrics by Brainpool
Book and Additional Music and Lyrics by Shakina Nayfack

We Intend to Rock The Revolution!

JUNK takes place in a near-future urban wasteland run by Junk Incorporated. Anna, a Junk employee, dreams of starting a revolution with her all-girl rock band, the MetroJets. Her ambitions are thwarted when she finds herself caught in a dangerous triangle between her boss, Ernie, who owns the last nightclub in the city, and the office janitor, Max, who wants to help her escape the drudges of corporate life.

The Disappearing Man

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jahn Sood

The Circus is Coming…

THE DISAPPEARING MAN is a new folk opera that takes place backstage at a small-time circus in 1936. When the headliner is offered another job, each of the performers in the motley troupe must decide whether to adapt to change or fight to keep the family together.

The Craft – The Musical

Music and Lyric by Kevin Michael Jones
Book and Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden
Developed by Shakina Nayfack

Let’s call the corners, shall we?

THE CRAFT: The Musical is a new musical based on the 1996 cult film of the same.  A teenage year girl with a troubled past moves to a new city and enrolls at a private Catholic school. There, she befriends three girls who have a secret… they’re witches! Together, the four girls begin casting spells to change all the things that are wrong in their lives. Unfortunately for them, their spells have serious and unforeseen consequences…

Ridiculously Talented

Hosted by William Finn
Directed by Shakina Nayfack
Music Directed by Jeremy Robin Lyons

Featuring all new songs by composers and lyricists you probably don’t know, but should!

Originating at Barrington Stage Company (BSC) and now in its 8th year, the “Ridiculously Talented” concert series has become a hallmark of BSC’s Musical Theatre Lab, where Mr. Finn serves as Artistic Producer. Mr. Finn explains what makes a good song great as he hosts this evening of personal favorites from the BSC series.

One Woman Show

Written, Directed, and Performed by Shakina
With original music by Sam Salmond, Julianne Wick Davis, Nikko Benson, Joel Waggoner, and Joe Iconis

Join Shakina as she recounts in song and story the exploits and misadventures that led to her gender transition.  A tale of surviving the 90s and creating a new life in a new millennium, VICE magazine says of Shakina, “nothing will stop her in becoming who she is.”  As seen in the Daily News, Gothamist, Logo’s New Now Next blog, and her in-depth interview with Huffington Post Live, Shakina’s public approach to her gender confirmation is living performance art with a dark, funny, and powerful edge.  Music Direction by Jeremy Robin Lyons, with Mike Rosengarten (guitar), Joseph Wallace (bass), and Jeff Roberts (drums).


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