May 13, 2014

Jeremy Morse

So who is this Jeremy Morse? No, he’s not the police officer named Jeremy Morse who was arrested for beating a handcuffed man senseless on the hood of his cop car in California in 2003. He’s also not Sir Jeremy Morse, the knighted former-Chancellor of the University of Bristol who was born in 1928 with a keen interest in cryptic crosswords.


Here are some facts about THIS Jeremy Morse:


– Hometown is Havertown, Pennsylvania in the good ole USA


– Mother: Sharon, Father: Jerry. They are awesome.

– Attended Haverford High School and learned a lot of academic school things, and did some shows

– Attended New York University – Steinhardt School of Education, Music Theatre and was educated


– Is an avid fan of Philadelphia sports in this order: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, 76ers, Villanova Wildcats


– Is a slave to baked goods and iced creams


That’s just a little bit about me. But there’s also lots of other things that define me as a human being, like how much I enjoy pizza and french fries. Oh, and yeah, I really like this whole theatre thing because it brings me great amounts of happiness and fulfillment. Yep.


– Jeremy