August 25, 2017

Beautiful Dreamer

Book and Lyrics by Caroline Murphy
Music by Brett Macias

Beautiful Dreamer takes place in a present day AP History class of a present day high school. Seven sophomores sit in a teacher‐less classroom watching a DVD on the Civil War. Within seconds of finding out the teacher won’t be coming to class today, their imaginations begin to pierce through their unendurable boredom. Drifting in and out of daydreams, driven by a fierce pursuit of fame and drama, they suddenly themselves in their own invented reality of imminent raids and terrorist attacks, certain the cars in the parking lot are unmarked police cars. Ultimately, they get so lost in the imagined terror; they don’t realize the very real threat is among them.

Development History

  • Developed at NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program
  • 2011 – Artists in Residence and concert reading at CAP 21
  • March 2016 – 15 minutes presented as part of Musical Theatre Factory’s 4×15 Round 16