February 1, 2017


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Natalie Lovejoy

Eighteen-year old Private Dunalley enlists in the Army, excited for the good it will provide for himself, his wife Annabelle and their future child, only to be deployed to Iraq right after basic training. However when he eventually comes home to the daunting task of reassembling his life with a wife he can no longer relate to and a child he barely recognizes, he realizes he misses Iraq and can’t wait to be deployed again.

Development History

  • November 2012 – Reading at 353 Studios
  • June 2013 – Workshop at The New School for Drama
  • November 2013 – Presentation by the Society of Artistic Veterans at Abingdon Theatre Company
  • January 2014 – Presentation by the Society of Artistic Veterans at The Gene Frankel Theatre
  • May 2014 – Concert Presentation at 54 Below
  • March 2015 – 15 minutes presented as part of Musical Theatre Factory’s 4×15 Round 9