August 25, 2017


Music and Lyrics by Sam Salmond
Book by Jeremy J. King

Adapted from the Novel by David B. Feinberg

New York used to be a sociable town, but in 1986, everyone is paralyzed by fear of AIDS. Everyone, that is, except BJ Rosenthal, who seems content to live out his days ignoring the ever growing crisis. But when an ex-lover becomes ill, BJ comes face to face with the reality he’s tried so hard to ignore. To protect himself he swears off whatever could put him at risk: sex, love, bars, sandwiches, direct eye contact, New Jersey…pretty much everything. Still, the memories of his carefree past are everywhere, and he can no longer ignore them. Can BJ connect the dots before he loses his friends, his happiness, and his mind? Eighty-Sixed is a new musical about a man confronting his history in order to reclaim his future.