February 1, 2017

Fearsome Frank

Music, Book and Lyrics by Tim Duncheon

Francisco Guerrero is just your average elderly Spanish composer in the 1590s… until he becomes the owner of a mysterious treasure map. As bloodthirsty pirates begin knocking down his door–and worse–timid old Francisco realizes his only chance to survive is to trade the cathedral for the High Seas and try to claim the treasure. Along the way, he just might realize that the world is a lot bigger, stranger, and more beautiful than he ever thought.

Development History

  • July-August 2013 – Developed at a residency at the Blue Mountain Center, Blue Mountain Lake, NY
  • September 2013 – Cabaret version performed at The Paradise Factory
  • November 2014 – 15 minutes presented as part of Musical Theatre Factory’s 4×15 Round 5