August 25, 2017

Happily Never After

Book by Mimi Cassidy

Music & Lyrics by Rebecca Greenstein

This full-length musical comedy finds familiar fairy tale princesses in mid-life — and the years have not been kind. Divorced, over-weight, broke, and disillusioned, the princesses struggle to meet impossible standards of ageless beauty and womanly perfection; standards demanded by Grimm Corp, their merciless employer, and Demeana, its evil new CEO. When one of their own dies, they gather at her funeral and find themselves confronted by the disconnect between the popularly imagined “perfect fairy tale princess” and their very real aging bodies and challenged lives. Snow White, Cinderella, Mermaid, Rapunzel and Thumbelina are now far from the ingénue princesses revered by little girls the world over. A journey of self discovery ensues as the princesses struggle to break free from Grimm Corp’s, the public’s, and their own impossible standards and expectations–each has her own journey, but through self acceptance and friendship, they can rescue themselves.

Development History

  • October 2015 – 15 minutes presented at Musical Theatre Factory as part of 4×15 Round 14