August 26, 2017


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Michael Finke

Meghan is a young, energetic and successful twenty-something currently living with her two roommates on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. However she has one major problem holding her back from living a joyful and normal life; frequent panic attacks. On the night of an expected hurricane, Meghan, her two roommates (Vivian and Laura, who are currently dating), and their friend Ruby all gather together to ride out the storm. While the other three girls are preparing for a casual night of drinking, gossiping, and light partying, Meghan is bracing herself for an evening in which she is trapped within the walls of her own home. Matters become even more complicated when an unexpected guest shows at up their door. Casey, the neighbor who lives upstairs, arrives at Meghan’s apartment hoping to crash the party. Since Meghan is in a desperate search for any kind of mental distraction, she gladly welcomes Casey to join their Hurricane Party. Over the course of the storm relationships grow, friends argue, alcohol is consumed, and identities are discovered as five millenials are forced to face each other and ultimately themselves. Hurricane is a dramatic sung-through musical done nearly in real time that reflects on the current cultural speed of our society and the drastic measures we take to claim control over our own lives.

Development History

  • Spring 2015 – Songs from Hurricane debuted at 54 Below
  • November 2015 – 15 minutes presented as part of Musical Theatre Factory’s 4×15 Round 15