February 1, 2017

In A Sea of Faces

Music, Lyrics & Book by Jahn Sood

In A Sea of Faces is an epic folk tale about an island that is sinks into the sea, and the community that sinks with it.  We hear the story of Jacob from the Unbroken Island who builds a boat and sails to the New City, an idyllic place he heard about in a song, only to find the City is not what he imagined.  When he returns to the island with knowledge of the world outside, he finds it is no longer unbroken.  The story is told in folk songs and sea shanties and a rhyming verse book by a chorus of fisherman and drunks who can’t quite get the story straight.

There was a reading of In A Sea of Faces at MTF in June 2014 and Jahn is currently developing the script as part of the first MTF Writer’s Group.