February 1, 2017


Music & Lyrics by Ariel Aparicio

Book by Andrea Lepcio

LF&Tms is the story of Bobby Kittridge, an aging rocker still looking to make it big. As “Shayla”, his stage persona and surrounded by his long-time band members and some “fresh meat”, two young singers – Case (female) and Damien (male), he thinks his break is here. Jonny Buckland from Coldplay has admired the band’s new video on-line. When they learn Coldplay is looking for an opening act, Bobby and the band go on a campaign to get someone from Coldplay to their upcoming gig. Wonders of wonders, they succeed. Not only is Johnny Buckland in the audience, Chris Martin also shows. This is it. This has got to be it.

But backstage, only Case’s phone rings. They want the girl, not the band. Losing this last chance, Bobby falls to pieces. Damien and his long-time friend Cruz bring him back to himself with his music. The fame may never be there, but his music and his loyal fans always will. Bobby says a fond farewell to Damien, who he believes can make it on his own. He also leaves behind “Shayla”, and returns to his roots… Raw, pure, unadorned.

Development History

  • December 2012 – Project began
  • February 2013 – Cold Reading
  • April 2013 – Cold Reading
  • July 2013 – Cold Reading
  • March 2014 – 29 Hour Reading
  • December 2014 – 15 minutes presented as part of Musical Theatre Factory’s 4×15 Round 6