February 1, 2017

Nikola Tesla Drops the Beat

Music by Nikko Benson

Book and Lyrics by Benjamin Halstead

The beat drops and the room explodes. Your body feels the release. You dance. Nikola Tesla makes a scientific discovery and rocks to the same release. Nikola Tesla Drops The Beat is an electronic fantasia that tracks the rise and fall of history’s most overlooked inventors. He barely survives his youth, but his passion for discovery keeps him going. He rises to fame and fortune by beating Thomas Edison in the War of the Currents. He develops an addiction to discovery and ends up sprinting too fast into the future for the world to keep up. He’s eventually left alone with nothing to his name. He denied simple pleasures and personal relationships for his entire life. Was it worth it?

Development History

  • Started in the NYU GMTWP, with the first reading in May 2013.