February 1, 2017


Music by Elizabeth Hagstedt

Book and Lyrics by Beth Blatt

They coined the expression “free love” and dared to adopt one of the most revolutionary practices imaginable – yet today, the only thing most people know about the Oneida Community is the silverware they made. Oneida was front-page news in the 1800’s, a utopia whose 300 souls lived and loved under one roof for almost 30 years – until forces from outside the outside world and from within the community – from within the human heart itself – brought it crashing down.

Ask yourself this: if you lived in a world where it was not only permitted but your duty to be happy, where loving with open arms but without jealousy or heartache was the goal, where every day was spent in satisfying work, enriching studies, making music, picnicking, just plain playing – might that be Heaven on Earth? Enter the world of Oneida and find out.

Oneida was the first commission ever from the Village Theatre (Issaquah, WA). They gave it a developmental reading at the Lark Theater in New York and it was part of their Festival of New Musicals (2012). It was last seen in July 2013 as part of the inaugural Vox Festival at Dartmouth College.