February 1, 2017

The Crazy Ones

Music and Lyrics by Zack Zadek

Lyrics by Alex Pototsky

In 1982, Steve Jobs was in control. His company, Apple Computer, was on top of the world; his products were changing the work and home life of hundreds of thousands of users every day; and he was exorbitantly, extravagantly rich. But something sinister was brewing underneath the surface – both at Apple, and in Steve’s own mind. When he’s run out of the company he nearly singlehandedly founded at the peak of his creative achievement, he’ll have to confront the demons he never thought he’d have to face – his wild bipolarity, his crippling fear of abandonment, and the family he pretended he didn’t have – to return from the bottom and leave the legacy he always obsessively dreamed of: to make a “dent in the universe,” and change everything.