Musical Theatre Factory has just one question.


Come sing your FAC*ing face off!

MTF is a completely volunteer based organization dedicated to the development of new musical theatre.  This season alone we will be assisting  in the development of over 20 different shows through readings, workshops, and showcases.  Our writers and composers are looking for actors who are excited to spend some time collaborating on new work,  and we’re looking for singers of all types to join our community!  Belt, Rock, Folk , Legit, and everything in between and beyond.  Project commitments  range from a single afternoon to a few days at a time, and as a Factory member you’ll be notified as casting opportunities come up.

So come sing your FAC*ing face off!

This is not an audition, it’s an introduction, a chance for our creative teams to meet you and get excited about what you can bring to the table.

Bring a copy of your headshot and resume, and two contrasting 32-bar cuts of actable songs.   This is a group call, 15 people at a time, so be prepared to stay for your hour and enjoy everyone else’s mad skills.

Ready to FAC? Sign up here!

Step 1 – Tell us about you:

Step 2 – Sign up for a Volunteer Audition Shift:

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