The Means of Production: Musical Theatre Factory Launches Monthly Sponsorship Program!


As a nonprofit, volunteer-based collective, it is the support of our community that allows Musical Theatre Factory to thrive. During these first few months of programming, we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of this community– from the artists in our studio, to the audiences at our events, to the Members whose volunteer services keep the box office running, drinks flowing, and company’s brain storming. Thank you for helping us get things started!

Because we emphasize creative process over commercial profit, we’ve been looking for ways to bring in additional financial contributions to cover monthly expenses and keep our developmental programs running. After much consideration and discussion with our volunteer staff and advisory board, MTF is excited to announce the launch of our monthly sponsorship program!

By pledging a recurring donation to the Factory at a level comfortable to you, you can help us as we continue to give artists the opportunities, space, connections, and resources to develop new musicals. In addition to our gratitude and some great karma, you’ll receive special perks, exclusive behind-the-scenes access, and chances to connect with the people who make it happen.

Check out the different levels of sponsorship HERE!


One of MTF’s core principles is that workers should own the means of production, and your sponsorship will help us keep the Factory’s operation in the hands of the artists. If you believe in MTF’s mission, we hope you’ll sign up today and help keep this Factory running!

In Solidarity,

Emily Cordes

Development Coordinator



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