MTF is a creative community where innovative artists of all backgrounds at any stage of their career can be supported throughout their process.

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MTF Makers™

Through our 18-month MTF Makers™ program, an artist works in a cohort to develop their unique voice and perspective, acquiring skills along the way that will support them in the creation of their new works. This artistic practice incubator focuses on individual artist development.

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We believe that technology can amplify the impact of the change-making new musicals our artists seek to create. By democratizing these new technologies as tools of liberation, artists can craft experiences that allow an audience to step into dimensions and realms that have yet to be imagined.

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Assembly Line™

The Assembly Line™ is an iterative framework that provides individualized, structured support for radically reimagining what musical theater can be. We take concepts of continuous development and put them in a theatrical context making the process circular, flexible, and collaborative — all at zero cost to the artist.

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