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Musical Theatre Factory is a nonprofit artist service organization dedicated to helping musical theatre makers develop and present new work in a collaborative environment free from the pressures of critical or commercial success.


MTF is revolutionizing the way new musicals are developed in New York City. We’re where “what’s next” in happening now! With a focus on peer evaluation and collaborative feedback, our Assembly Line of development programs is designed to nurture new work from an initial idea to a first full draft, and even a first production, all at no cost to the artists. Chances are, if there’s an exciting new musical on the horizon, we’re working on it!



Musical Theatre Factory is more than a theatre company, we’re an artist service organization. The central organizing principle of MTF follows the radical ideal that laborers ought to be the owners of the means of production. We’re artist-led and artist-focused. We don’t just help to develop new musicals, we help to develop the artists that make them.


Musical Theatre Factory makes work that strives for vitality and originality; we decide collectively what work should be seen, heard, produced and recognized as outstanding. MTF community members include writers, composers, performers, choreographers, directors, music directors, dramaturgs, designers, and producers. We value diversity, parity, a safe space for creative exploration, and a work ethic that prioritizes the developmental process.


Musical Theatre Factory welcomes challenges and encourages innovative approaches to creative development. Now in our third year of programming and supported by a three-year residency at Playwrights Horizons, our goal is to take our revolutionary model of new musical development and strategize for the Factory’s long-term success.