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4×15 – Round 24

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Join us for a unique opportunity to participate in making musical theatre! In our 4×15 series, we showcase four staged presentations. Each creative team will have 5 hours to workshop the strongest (or most troublesome) excerpt of their piece. A cast of MTF volunteer performers will then have 15 minutes to present each excerpt before an audience followed by a moderated discussion among the writers. The audience is invited to offer supportive feedback to the writers and creative teams.
About the Shows:
Going South Book, Music, and Lyrics by Katya StanislavskayaGoing South sheds a light on North Carolina’s legal system by focusing on four cases tried on the same docket. The cases—Custody, Cake, Co-Eds, and Coco—examine divorce, discrimination, campus rape, and transgender issues, respectively. These stories are linked together by Bob Jones, a smarmy and charismatic Southern lawyer. Told alternately in the courtroom and in flashback, the musical challenges the political, social, and societal constructs of today’s American South.
She SaidBook, Music, and Lyrics by Lily Ali-OshatzShe Said chronicles one person’s experience with rape and her choice to report the crime. It reveals the heartbreak that countless people face when they learn that, even in the supposedly liberal city of New York, rape is indeed legal. She Said uses poetry, storytelling, and original music to create a call to action. It is a reminder that our laws cannot be changed until we change our culture. Only then can we begin to hope.
StarblastersBook by Katie HathawayMusic and Lyrics by Benjamin VelezWhat does it mean to be turning 30 and living with your parents? How can you face the future when you’re buried in student debt, can’t find a steady job, or afford health insurance? How do you reconcile your identity when the people in your town are homophobic assholes and you’re the only immigrant within a 20 mile radius? Starblasters is about a generation struggling to answer all of these questions, a generation raised to believe in opportunity and possibility only to come of age in a post-recession America where financial security has never been less certain and the dreams they had as kids are beyond reach. Our characters have spent the ten years since high school hiding behind the nostalgic specter of their youths by working at the local theme park where nightly escapades atop the ferris wheel help their struggles fade into the background. But with the park’s closure looming, these five friends must face those struggles head on, or face the prospect of a life dependent on their parents, chained to a dead-end job, losing their ability to dream.
Extended StayBook and Lyrics by Jenny StaffordMusic and Lyrics by Scotty Arnold Extended Stay is a loose adaptation of Ivan Goncharov’s 1859 novel Oblomov. The musical takes place at an Extended Stay Hotel in Indiana, and revolves around two polar-opposite friends and the woman they both fall for. Owen is full of dreams but short on ambition. While on his way to California to take over property he inherited, he stopped at the Extended Stay and hasn’t left yet. Plagued by both fear and ennui, Owen finds himself stuck in every sense of the word. However, when the new front desk clerk, Emma, arrives, she is desperate to pull herself out of her own “stuckness” after a massive life failure. Part of her plan includes excelling at her new job, in which she is instructed to evict Owen. When Owen’s childhood friend Ethan arrives, though, he offers Emma a new life. Each in the newly-formed triangle struggles to figure out who can best help them move forward from pasts that threaten to swallow them whole. 


Mon, Jan 22
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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440 Lafayette St
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