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MTF Makers is an 18-month residency program that supports ten groundbreaking musical theatre artists in developing new work. Through this inclusive community, Makers gather together for monthly meetings to share work, provide feedback, and engage in critical discourse around the future of the American musical theatre canon and what must be dismantled in order to create accessible change-making new musicals. MTF is committed to building a future where musicals speak to the predicaments of now and use our past to inform our collective path toward liberation.

In addition to monthly meetings, Makers are given mentorship, advocacy, and access to MTF’s Assembly Line™ — the unique cycle by which projects are supported by the Factory geared toward iterative engagement.  One-on-one dramaturgical support, writing retreat opportunities, discourse with industry professionals, and MTFxR™ consultations are additional offerings specific to this residency program. Makers will also be invited to participate in MTF’s Artist Council to help shape visions for the future of the Factory. 

Makers can submit a project at any stage of its development – from the kernel of an idea to a full script. Artists are welcome to apply with up to three project proposals that they are interested in developing through the MTF Makers program. Artists may apply as individuals or in teams of two and must consist of at least one writer and/or composer.

Previous Makers include:

Cohort I

Kit Yan
Melissa Li

Jaime Jarret

Troy Anthony

Tidtaya Sinutoke

Ty Defoe

Jillian Walker

AriDy Nox
Brandon Webster

Cohort II

Nia Ostrow Witherspoon

Rona Siddiqui

Storm Thomas

é boylan

David Gomez

John Michael Lyles

Alex Hare
Nehemiah Luckett
Zhailon Levingston

Whitney White

Cohort III

Alex Alpharaoh

Zeniba Now

Jord Liu
Deepak Kumar

Cheeyang Ng

Tẹmídayọ Amay

Samara Cohen
Harold O’Neal

Raiah Rofsky
Nay Harris

Maria Andreoli
EmmaLee Kidwell

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