MTF Makers Cohort II

Musical Theatre Factory is thrilled to open applications for the second MTF MAKERS cohort. We are seeking innovative artists who will utilize MTF’s resources — and strong peer network — to cultivate artistically groundbreaking and socially inclusive work for the American canon that shifts the cultural needle.   

Learn more about our current Makers here.

MTF MAKERS is an 18-month residency that supports six teams of groundbreaking musical theater artists in the creation of new work. Through this inclusive community, MAKERS gather together at regular meetings to share work and support each other through feedback, collaboration, and discourse. In addition to meetings, MAKERS are given mentorship, education, and advocacy, and priority access to MTF’s assembly line suite of activities — each team is offered two slots in our 4×15 series and a fully-supported AEA developmental residency, plus access to other opportunities to show work in front of an audience. MAKERS are additionally supported with an out-of-town retreat, high-quality digital content creation, monthly stipends, free studio space, and dramaturgical support from the MTF artistic staff and Beehive Dramaturgy Studio. MAKERS will also be invited to take part in and create MTF programming, including opportunities to host salons and teach workshops. 2 Makers teams (of women, non-binary and non-gender conforming folx) will be invited to attend the 5th Avenue’s First Draft Story Summit  for a chance to be commissioned by The 5th Avenue Theatre, and potentially other nationally renowned musical theatre development opportunities.

Our MAKERS focus on a primary project, which can be at any stage of development – from the kernel of an idea, to a full script with demos ready for a workshop, to a project slated for production but needing extra development support. Artists are welcome to apply with a secondary project they are interested in developing with MAKERS; this is optional.

All MTF Makers meetings, workshops, residencies and performances take place in New York City. Applicants must be 18 years of age and have the right to work within the United States.

If you are creating theater whose storytelling is driven by music, we are interested in you.


February 10 2020 Information Session with PAD Mei Ann
@ Signature Theatre lobby 6:30-8pm
February 13 2020 Application Period Opens
February 16 2020 Information Session with PAD Mei Ann
@ Facebook Live 12-1pm ET
March 10 2020 at 11:59pm – Applications due
June 13-14 2020 Finalist Interviews
MAKERS ACTIVITIES September 2020 – February 2022

MTF MAKERS 2020 Application (application will be live on February 13)

  1. Names of lead artist(s) 
  2. Please provide an artist statement for each lead artist, or a single co-artist statement for your team (500 words max for each statement). Never written an artist statement before? We recommend checking out the Mission chapter of Artist U’s free workbook for some tips on how to create one.
  3. How have the lead artist(s) been involved with MTF in the past? (It’s okay if you haven’t!) (max. 100 words)
  4. Tell us about your primary project (1,000 words max)
    1. Title
    2. Synopsis
    3. How it aligns with the values in your artist statement(s)
    4. How your project contributes to the field
    5. Your project’s development history so far, and your ideal next steps for its development
  5. (optional) if you have a secondary project you’d like to work on as a MAKER, please share some information about it here (500 words max)
  6. (optional for women, non-binary and non-gender conforming folx, to be considered for 5th Ave’s First Draft Story Summit) A description of a new musical you would like to write. This musical should not already be written, but a brand new idea. (500 words max)
  7. How would you like to use MTF resources over the 18-month residency? Please be as specific as you can be about writing goals; when/if you anticipate wanting a 4×15 or residency; etc. You can review the available resources on our Programs page for more information about what we offer. (500 words max) 
  8. How would meeting regularly with the group of MAKERS support you? (250 words max)

Please upload the following:

  1. Resume/CV for each lead artist (please compile as 1 PDF)
  2. Biography for each lead artist (100 words)
  3. Current script for your primary project (if you don’t have a script yet, an outline or a synopsis is fine!)
  4. Up to 5 demos (please indicate if these are from your primary project or another project)
  5. Additional work sample (script/demos/video/anything that gives us a sense of who you are as an artist)

There is NO application fee.

Still have questions? Email us at