MTF Future Makers™

MTF Future Makers™ is a holistic, immersive, and activity-based program that engages each participant in delving deep into their experience to create a musical that is compelling and culture-shifting. It will introduce participants to the multi-faceted careers in the field of musical theatre, and in doing so develop a multitude of applicable skills to being able to create new ideas and share them with powerful engagement and confidence.

We start with the making, where we guide creative sparks into the process of writing and composition. This engages them to think about what story needs to be told – unpacking the narratives that matter right now and why. This places their emotional self in conversation with our societal realities, validates their voice, and empowers them to use it creatively through lyrics and dialogue, and also through writing a synopsis, requiring critical analysis. In collaboration with their peers and mentors, they will also learn models of how to offer feedback. Being able to share and receive feedback with care and rigor is a crucial life skill. The structure of the program also offers them the chance to collaborate with creative mentors: professional composer/performers in the field, who mentor them in songwriting—an essential part of the business of musical theatre.

We then move into the realm of the director, training them to think about how to realize their work. We start with the design process and how they would imagine the world of their musical, and then take it all the way to gathering imagery that evokes this new world. We look at the power of visual communication and symbols, and how they operate to effectively condensate complex thought. We talk about casting, and raise civic discourse on representation in media. These discussions of cultural production and social justice are at the core of what Musical Theatre Factory does.

With their creative materials in hand, we then move into teaching the business acumen of the musical theatre field. They will engage in finance discussions to practice budgeting activities, learning skills of ledger construction and financial projections. They will tackle how to market and distribute, sharing their work widely to build an audience base. Ultimately they bring it all together in a proposal and a final presentation.

MTF has built all of our programming around serving the artist in their process and guiding them following their agency in expression. This program is built to support these same ideals in process to the young people we hope to serve. Throughout this internship experience we want to center and support their own processes and ideas providing mentorship from POC artists and tools that will guide them in unlocking both artistic expression and sense of self to apply also to tangible career skills that will expand the horizons of career possibilities. This access will serve to show rising, current, and recently-graduated high school students they are able to have a choice in their career path. They don’t have to accept a lifestyle of being a cog in a corporate system for a paycheck, there are options for the application of career skills that are also fulfilling.

Summer 2020 Future Makers

John Carlos Collado, Bronx Collegiate Academy

Huchela De la Cruz, DreamYard Prep

Alanna Diaz, Bronx Collegiate Academy

Denisha Dollard, DreamYard Prep

Fatoumata Doucoure, DreamYard Prep

Jovanny Gallegos, DreamYard Prep

Shomari Jackson, Bronx Collegiate Academy

Brianna Johnson, DreamYard Prep

Hope Lagoa, DreamYard Prep

Honna Santos, DreamYard Prep

Starjuachia Williams, DreamYard Prep

Susan Williamson, Bronx Collegiate Academy